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  • Input signal: RS422 (up to 30 MHz per channel); EIA-644 (LVDS) (up to 40 MHz per channel)
  • Camera output: Single channel: up to 32 bits/pixel and pixel rates to 40M pixels/sec for EIA-644 (LVDS) signals;
    Dual channel: up to 16 bits/pixel and up to 80M pixel/sec rates;
    Four channel camera at 8 bits/pixel and up to 160M pixels/sec rates
  • Camera connector: Single connector has 100 pins
  • Camera power: + 12V out at 800 mA and + 5V at 800 mA, available on user connector and camera connector
  • Supported Operating systems: Win 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP
  • Supported Languages: C / C++, C#, Visual Basic and Visual Basic .NET


  • Image capture area: Up to 32K x 32K pixels
  • Line scan camera image capture: Up to 32K in width
  • Programmable frequency synthesizer: Allows flexible synchronization
  • On-board memory: 4MB image FIFO
  • Programmable debounced trigger
  • Programmable horizontal and vertical synchronization
  • Works with resettable and interlaced cameras
  • Strobe output: Two strobes, programmable pulse-width and polarity can be used as camera exposure controls; TTL and RS422
  • General purpose I/O (TTL): Four, two-in and two-out
  • General purpose RS422 outputs: Three, for camera control
  • Input look up tables (LUTs): 4x8:8 or 2x16:16, facilitates on-the-fly gamma correction, contrast, brightness, etc.
  • On-the-fly hardware pixel reordering for multi-channel cameras: Two channel cameras: alternate pixels, alternate lines, alternate half-lines with normal/reverse scan;
    four channel cameras: alternate 1/4 lines with normal/reverse scan and quadrants with normal and reversed scans
  • Software image cropping: Select region of interest, provides lower bandwidth
  • Optional interface cable: Supplied for popular cameras
  • Optional cable kit: Unsoldered connections on one end for other cameras
  • User connector: Facilitates easy interface of strobes and triggers to external equipment
  • Camera configuration application: Easy-to-use window for entering data for specific camera configuration. Available for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000 only
  • Optional software protection
  • FCC(A) and CE approved
  • Compatible with: CVB, Halcon, ActiVision Tools and Xcaliper

The PXD frame grabber is compatible with virtually all digital cameras. Most digital cameras require a unique cable connector. Because of the sheer quantity of cable options, we do not stock pre-built finished cables.


Datasheet in PDF file: PXD1000