PCI Frame Grabber

Model 616


Real time MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video encoder and
decoder for NTSC, PAL

Support for variable bit rate and constant bit rate

Onboard linear 16-bit audio CODEC

Linux drivers

3 TTL level digital inputs and/or outputs

Text buffer for frame annotation


Model 616 is a PCI frame grabber that captures and transfers full-frame (640 x 480) video at 30 frames per second. It uses hardware compression to produce encoded MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 data streams of 100 kbits to 10 Mbits per second. It also has two audio input channels that are synchronized to the MPEG data.

MPEG2 data reduces the amount of memory required to store full motion video. The compressed data requires a smaller transmission bandwidth. This makes it possible to transmit 30 frames/sec video over a 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.  The hardware compression circuit uses a motion estimation algorithm to produce smooth images from interlaced cameras.  The length of MPEG2 video streams is not limited by the viewing software.

Encoded MPEG2 data can also be decompressed by the 616's hardware to produce composite video and audio. The video output is also available as S-video.  The audio output is available at an audio jack on the hold-down bracket.

Digital I/O
Two optically coupled inputs and two relay outputs share a common terminal block on the hold-down bracket.  The relay outputs can be configured as normally open or normally closed.

Text caption buffer
A 64 character buffer is available for adding text to each frame.  The text is within a transparent box that may be positioned anywhere within the frame.

Self test
Digitized video and audio inputs can be looped back to the output circuits to allow camera and sound adjustments.  The 616's video D/A can be programmed to generate color test bars. This is useful for testing the video output channel.

The 616 is supplied with drivers for Linux  that allow register and memory buffer initialization, reading and writing MPEG2 data. The driver synchronizes the audio channel with the MPEG2 video channel during recording and playback.

Linux players are included with the SDK.  They allow simultaneous viewing and recording of the video stream.


General specifications

Power input

5 volts, 280 mA

Capture rate

30 frames/sec (NTSC, RS-170, CCIR)
25 frames/sec (PAL)

A/D resolution

8-bits for luminance
8-bits for chrominance

Output resolution

768 x 576 (PAL)
640 x 480 (NTSC, RS-170)

Video inputs

Composite or S-video

Video output

PAL or NTSC from a BNC connector

Output data

MPEG2 streaming data at rates of 100 kbits to 10Mbits/second



Audio input & output

+/- 1.0 volt

Digital I/O

2 opto inputs, 2 relay outputs

Board size

5.5" x 4.2"

Bus standard

PC1 2.1

Address mapping

Memory mapped

Supported streams

Elementary (Audio & Video)


Ordering Information


MPEG2 codec for PCI


Video I/O cable