32 Thermocouples

Model 417

Model 417

Supports thermocouples, 4-20ma, and
 voltage inputs

32 channels of 16-bit A/D resolution

Each channel software programmable for
 sensor type and gain

Auto-calibration eliminates trimpots

Low power consumption

Half-size ISA board

The Sensoray Model 417 offers a cost effective way to acquire thermocouple, voltage, or current loop data for any ISA bus computer. It features 16-bit resolution from thirty-two input channels, each individually programmable for a diggerent sensor type. Analog-to-digital conversion is performed in under 22 milliseconds per channel. Thirty-two channels are scanned in 640 milliseconds.

The 4117 board plugs directly into any ISA bus slot. Linearization, calibration, and sensor type aresoftware programmable,


eliminating trim potentiometers and the need for board access. Sensor field wiring is accomplish- ed with a 40-conductor flat cable and remotely mountable screw-

 termination board, either model 7409TB or 7409TDIN with DIN mounting hardware.

Model 417 automatically self-calibrates by measuring internal precision references. Reference data is storen in EEPROM so the boards may be easily interchanged.


 General Specifications

Ordering Information

Input resistance

100 MW

32 channel, adapter

Model 417

Max Input voltage

63 VAC rms

Small termination board

Model 7409TB

A/D converter mode

16-bit integrating

Large termination board

Model 7409TC

7409TC with DIN hardware

Model 7409TDIN

Max common mode

+/- 5 volts

18” interconnect cable

Model 7409C


90 dB min

1 meter interconnect cable

Model 7409C1

A/D scan rate

45 samples/sec

Conversion time

22 mS/channel

Operating temp.

-25C to 70C

PC bus interface

2 I/O ports

Input power

<3 watts