Frame Grabber

Model 314



  • Real time MPEG-4/2/1 and MJPEG plus audio
  • Built-in motion detection
  • Uncompressed preview through PC/104+
  • On screen display of text
  • 2.5W power dissipation
  • Linux, QNX, Windows drivers supplied
  • Fast Windows stream player available
  • Rectangle

    Model 314 is a low-cost  MPEG-4/2/1 and MJPEG frame grabber that captures full-frame (720 x 480) video at 30 frames per second. Uncompressed video is available through the PC/104+ bus for previewing. It also has two synchronized audio input channels and on screen display of text (OSD).

    MPEG and MJPEG data reduces the amount of memory required to store full motion video. The compressed data requires a smaller transmission bandwidth. MJPEG data is typically compressed by a factor 20 while MPEG-2 and -4 by a factor of 100. Image compression makes it possible to transmit 30 frames/sec of MPEG video over the PC/104+ bus. The hardware compression circuit uses a motion estimation algorithm to produce smooth images from interlaced cameras

    Uncompressed capture
    The 314 can function as a conventional frame grabber by supplying uncompressed video with low latency and snapshots of single frames. A lower cost version, 314NC, is available without the compression circuitry and the on screen display. It uses the newest 9-bit digitizer technology plus an adaptive multi-line comb filter to produce higher quality images than those using BT878 technology.

    On screen display
    A 96 character buffer is available for adding text to each frame. The text is within a transparent box that may be positioned anywhere within the frame. This function is not available on the 314NC.

    Motion detection
    The 314 performs motion detection in three user programmable regions of interest. For each separate region of interest, the user can set up different motion detection sensitivity. Within the regions of interest motion can be further localized to a 16x16 pixel block. The following links show examples of the motion detection setup menu for Windows and the regions of interest. The motion map shows where the motion was detected.

    Audio multiplexing
    Digitized audio from the 314 is multiplexed into MPEG streams by a Sensoray-supplied software in SDK.

    External signals connect to the 314 via a 24-pin header. Sensoray’s optional 314TA video termination board provides BNC connections for the 314’s composite video inputs.

    Software and Manuals
    The 314 is supplied with SDK including drivers and demo applications, for Windows-XP, Linux 2.4 and 2.6, Windows Embedded XP, and QNX. The software synchronizes the audio channel with the MPEG video channel during recording and playback.


    General specifications


    Capture rate / Resolution

    NTSC 720x480 @ 30 fps
    PAL    720x576 @ 25 fps

    Supported Resolution

    D1.N, D1.P, D.5,
    SIF, 2SIF, 4SIF, CIF,

    Video Input

    4 multiplexed input channels =
    2 S-Video or 4 Composite

    Board size

    3.775" x 3.55"

    Input power

    2.5W power dissipation

    Bus structure



    Ordering Information


    PC/104+  frame grabber

    Model 314

    PC/104+ frame grabber without compression Model 314 NC
    Accessory Board Model 314TA