4 Channel

USB Frame Grabber

Model 2255



  • Simultaneous capture from 4 composite video sources
  • Total capture rate of 60 frames/sec from all channels for NTSC
    2 channels at 30 frames/sec each
    4 channels at 15 frames/sec each
  • Full frame rate capture on all channels in monochrome or scaled down modes
  • Multiple output formats and resolutions
  • Powered through USB
  • Easy to use API; multiple units supported by the driver


The Model 2255 frame grabber accepts NTSC or PAL video on 4 composite inputs. Digitized images are sent to the host computer via USB 2.0 high-speed interface. A variety of output formats supported by the 2255 eliminates the need for format conversions in a wide range of applications. Supported formats are:

  1. RGB packed (24 bits/pixel, bitmap compatible)
  2. YCrCb packed (16 bits/pixel, YUY2 compatible)
  3. YCrCb planar (16 bits/pixel, optimal for image processing)
  4. Y8 (8 bits/pixel, monochrome).

Low Latency
The 2255’s allows fast visual feedback because of its low latency. Its internal DSP optimizes the four data streams for efficient USB 2.0 communication. The Windows drivers are also optimized for low latency. The overall latency is no more than 50 ms for NTSC and 60 ms for PAL

The 2255 is also available with a PC expansion bracket, Model 2255S-PC.

Software and Manuals

The 2255 was designed primarily for OEMs who integrate it with their application software using the Software Development Kit (SDK) available for download below. The application programming interface (API) is extremely simple and intuitive. Buffers for captured images are allocated in the application, and then registered with the driver, which simplifies integration with 3rd party image processing software. The SDK comes with a demo application, which illustrates the use of the API and includes a feature that allows snapshot capture and storage.

Our Linux SDK includes a fully functional Video 4 Linux (V4L) driver for the latest Linux kernel, 2.6.24.

Images and Mechanical Drawings


2255S Dimensions (with enclosure)


2255 Dimensions (without enclosure)



4 composite (BNC), 75 Ohm

Input Video Formats:


Output Resolution:

NTSC: 640 x 480, 320 x 240, 640 x 240.

PAL: 704 x 576, 352 x 288, 704 x 288


2255S (with Enclosure) 0.5840 lbs

2255 (without Enclosure) 0.2456 lbs


Ordering Information

Model 2255S USB Frame grabber with Enclosure (shown above)
Model 2255 USB Frame grabber without Enclosure
Model 2255S-PC USB Frame grabber without Enclosure with bracket
Model 2250C1 USB Cable 1 meter (supplied with the 2255S only)